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This high profile, refurbished Office Building in the centre of the new quarter of Dublin, was a real challenge. All of the box roof-lights had an internal film installed years ago, which was all stripped off. We were working upside-down off high scaffolding and between structural framework. It was 50 degrees working up there! The...
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Peel Test 2
As part of our ongoing checks when installing safety films, we are sometimes required to carry out “Peel Tests”. This is to check to how the film and adhesive are performing, to quantify how the film is drying out, and monitor the film’s performance in an actual break test. Pictured is a typical example of...
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During 2013 we were asked to recommend a film to reduce glare & some heat entering into the state of the art gym facility in Carlow IT. We looked at several films, but it was decided to go with a non-reflective 20% film. Fully compatible with the glazing system, this film will reduce glare by...
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   One of our employees came up with a ground breaking idea…… DIY sun glasses, as you can see he has left no stone unturned with his attempt at solving glare and heat problems, and plans to introduce the idea to Dragons Den…… and for that reason I am out !!
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Introduction – the trouble with nickel sulphide inclusions In recent years there have been a number of sensational reports in the media about “glass cancer” and “spontaneous glass fracture”, with stories relating to “glass raining down from highrise buildings”. These stories refer to incidents where toughened glass windows shatter without warning. Although it is only...
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All-season Insulation Window Film Series It is well known that window film can save significant amounts of energy. But until now it was thought as necessary to trade a reduced exterior view for improved solar performance. The new and award-winning EnerLogic® range can give you both – great insulation and a perfect view.    ...
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