Emergency Glass Repair Film

Broken Glass? Fit LLumar emergency glass Repair Film

Need an immediate and effective temporary solution, with minimal disruption until the broken glazing can be replaced?

Llumar® Emergency Glass repair Film has been specifically designed to provide an effective temporary glazing solution, by holding together the cracked or broken glass.

Eastman Films have decades of experience in the manufacture and installation of specialist safety and security performance window films throughout the world, and the development of LLumar® Emergency Glass repair Film is a natural extension to an already impressive portfolio of performance films.

Llumar® Emergency Glass repair Film is manufactured from 175-micron-thick clear polyester film, complete with a specialist adhesive and release liner paper.

LLumar® Emergency Glass repair Film provides the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces the risk of personal injury during the period that the glazing remains broken.
  • The product when applied is extremely strong, transparent, and gives total peace of mind until the glazing can be replaced.
  • The product is very easy to apply, and requires no specialist skills; therefore can be applied at the time of the glass breakage.
  • During and after installation, there is minimal disruption or mess, which reduces the need for an extensive clean-up operation.
  • Provides a real, and very cost effective solution to traditional methods of temporarily “boarding up” the broken glazing.
  • When applied successfully, it keeps out any ingress of rain and wind, and keeps the affected area “weather-tight”.
  • LLumar® Emergency Glazing Film is manufactured by Eastman Films in their UK factory, and is available in 15 metre long x 914mm wide rolls.

LLumar® Emergency Glass repair Film – the Quality is Clear.


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