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Insulating Window Film

Optically clear polyester insulating window films, (that are UV-stabilized, hard-coated, and encapsulate sputter/vapour-depositions of any number of metals and oxides, or IR-blocking nano-particle dispersions) are making it painless to upgrade the solar performance of standard glazing systems. These performance films offer overall energy savings for qualified buildings of 5-10 per cent, and common payback periods of 1-4 years.

LLumar energy-control insulating window films are manufactured by Eastman Films Inc. in Virginia, the United States, and in the United Kingdom.

Eastman Films is the largest producer of energy-control insulating window films, and film components in the world, with distinction in the areas of research and technology, manufacturing excellence, global distribution and dedicated customer service.

Eastman Films is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Window films have a 40+ year history as a retro-fit glazing product. Over the decades, steady improvements in deposition technology, adhesive systems, and scratch resistant surface coatings have resulted in truly viable products of impressive performance, appearance, and longevity.

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