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Graffitishield anti-graffiti film offers a complete surface protection system for glazed and smooth surfaces that are vulnerable to damage or vandalism.

In today’s world graffiti and vandalism can be a real and costly problem. In the transport and retail sector glazing systems can very expensive to replace, not only in terms of the cost of what is often a specialised glass, but in terms of the labour and disruption involved.

LLumar Graffittishield doesn’t just protect your windows and surfaces, it protects them beautifully with an optically clear film that doesn’t sacrifice function for aesthetics.

The concept is to sacrifice the LLumar Graffittishield film coating when graffiti and vandalism has taken place, leaving the surface underneath protected and pristine. When the LLumar Graffittishield has reached “saturation point” in terms of graffiti or vandalism, then a Eastman Films Approved Installer can remove the film and replace with a new LLumar Graffitishield film.
It’s that simple.

graffitishield window film
remove and replace graffitisheild window film