ESB Electric Ireland HQ – Dublin

Electric Ireland HQ based in Dublin were suffering from Solar Glare Issues when they moved into their new building during 2012. The low lying sun stretched right through the offices and as so many computers are needed it was obvious blinds alone were not going to solve the problem.

After months of testing, we used the LLumar R20 Silver on the glass @ 300 sq metres, which was Installed in October. The R20 Silver reduces Glare by up to 79% and also provides day time privacy as well as great heat reduction , not to mention the fact that leaving the blinds up now also means the lights are on less, so the ESB are doing their own bit to save energy and cut down the Carbon Footprint !!  a great all round film, which has a ten year warranty.

The feedback has been very good and we were also complimented by the head of facilities when leaving the premises on how we moved through the building in normal working hours and they had not lost any downtime as we had been able to access all areas without causing any disruption.

 Another successful application of Solar Protective film by BM Glass Coatings…….

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