Window Film Cleaning Instructions and Maintenance

Following these simple instructions will give you years of trouble-free service from all our products.

1. Curing

Once installed the film needs to cure, you will notice the film looking hazy, bubbly and watery for a few days leading to weeks on the thicker safety films. Please do not be concerned, this is normal and the watery appearance will dry out over a short period of time. As the film dry’s it gets pulled tighter and tighter to the glass surface and embeds itself into the glass molecules to achieve maximum bonding.

2. Cleaning

Once the film is fully cured (about 28 days in normal conditions), it is quite ok to clean the film surfaces, we recommend using soapy water, a rubber squee-gee, soft cloths and sponges, but do not use scrapers and scourers as these will damage the film surfaces. Be careful not to lift the film edges and do not power wash the frames or glass with film installed.

3. Scratch Resistance

All films whether fitted internally or externally have a patented scratch resistant coating, this coating is very tough and will protect the film for normal cleaning hazards. However, the film should always be protected from picking at its edges by inquisitive fingers and birds. For External roof light situations, we recommend bird scares if there have been any previous bird issues with the windows or nesting in the roof areas.

4. Labels

Please do not apply stickers, labels or tapes to the film surfaces, whilst they will not normally cause an issue, they cannot be removed without damage to the film surface, which will render the warranty void.

5. Vehicles

Film fitted to vehicles also comes with a five year warranty on peeling, bubbling and cracking. It is important to know that when film is fitted to rear screens due to the nature of curving and access it is impossible to reach perfection, however in all cases we strive to ensure the best possible application allowing for age of vehicle, condition of glass and interior rubbers, and cloth. You will always notice points, imperfections or small dust particles in some areas where access is difficult or where film may have to be folded to get inside the car, this is beyond our control, and has no effect on the films performance.

If you have any questions on the above please contact us.